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Melody's Key by Dallas Coryell

*I was sent an ecopy of Melody's Key by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Publication:June 24th 2016

Goodreads Description:
“His eyes settled on her…piercing green embers of flame that revealed the ferocity of his pain and passion, yet still shrouded him under veils of ever deepening mystery that made every ounce of her ache to unravel him.” 

Tegan Lockwood’s dreams were dead, sacrificed on the noble altar of duty before they ever had a chance to live. Her entire existence was disappearing into the abyss of apathy as she labored her days away keeping her family’s struggling business alive. There would be no emotion, no color, no beauty in her life. That is, until a mysterious visitor begins to draw her out of the darkness of her past towards something that will challenge the boundaries of her world, and unlock the most deeply held secrets of her heart.

My thoughts:
Melody's Key is a fun, enjoyable, quick read. It is cliche (a lot of the time) but I didn't mind because that was just what I wanted at the time when I was reading. 

The main character Tegan is well developed over the course of the story and she is incredibly likebale from the fist page. I felt myself relating to her in multiple ways. She is very into music and art, and while I don't have a musical bone in my body, I really understood her thought process around creating music and art as I really like drawing. I think people who aren't into music or art can relate to her as well. I felt myself relating to her emotions and how she felt about certain things.

Family plays a big role in Melody's Key which I appreciated. Family is something I find is hardly present in the books I usually read. I really liked reading about Tegan's relationship with her younger sister, Ryleigh. As someone who has two sisters it was great to see a realistic sister relationship in the book.

The romance is the main focus in the story and I knew as soon as they met that Tegan and Mason's relationship was going to be full of cliches; and I was right there was cliches left right and centre! They were cute though and their interactions were funny. Both characters are very witty so it was fun reading any scenes they had together when the banter started to get going.

Other than the cliches everywhere the writing was really good. There are some long winded descriptions but they aren't so long that they take the reader out of the story.

The story is written in Tegan's point of view but there is also letters from the past that are scattered throughout the novel. I really enjoyed reading both I just wish there had been more about the letters.

There was some really good topics hit on in Melody's Key such as LGBT elements but I think the author missed an opportunity to explore them more. I felt like there was so much potential there but it was lost because Tegan and Mason's romance took over the story.

My only complaint is the ending; everything wraps up a little too conveniently (and unrealistic to be honest) for my taste. Some readers won't mind this but it was a bit too much for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed Melody's Key and would recommend it if your looking for something quick and fun to read.

My rating: 4 stars out of 5
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Also big thank you to the author, Dallas Coryell, who sent me an ecopy of the book!

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