Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Author Interview with Jessica Prather

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Jessica Prather, author of The Traitor's Crux, for my blog! Be sure to add The Traitor's Crux on Goodreads here! I am so excited to pick it up soon and review it for you guys! The book is release this November so keep an eye out for it!

1.What made you want to become an author/have you always known you wanted to write stories?

I’ve always loved writing, but I never really thought that I’d go anywhere with it. Being an author was something I dreamed about, but I knew how hard it was to make it. I still have all these notebooks from the first grade where I’d write (super embarrassing) stories, just for fun. I think I was 20 when I thought up the idea of TTC, and it was like a “why not” type of moment. I sort of decided to go for it, to write and see where it takes me. I know this is really cliche, but it comes to show that with enough hard work and dedication, anyone can make it. You’ve got to follow those dreams! :) 

2. Where did you come up for the idea for The Traitor's Crux/what inspired the story?

 The Traitor’s Crux is inspired by many things… I’ve always had a thing for magic. I think it’s so cool. It probably stems from my disappointment from not ever getting into Hogwarts. I wanted to create a story with magic of my own, but add a unique twist. I’m a sucker for history, so a lot of the world-building and the idea of President Reed stemmed from World War 2 and various events throughout history. 

3. Kenadee finds out she has magic powers in the book and I was wondering if you could have any magical ability what would you choose?

Oh, man! There are so many I’d choose! Kenadee’s powers are unique, to say the least. She can do lots of cool things. I think if I had to choose one power, it’d be something like invisibility or mind control. 

4. Did you base Kanadee off any people you know in real life or is she completely made up?

Kenadee is completely made up. It’s funny because I moved from Colorado, where I’d never seen that name before in my life, to Utah, where LOTS of girls have the name Kenadee. It makes me nerd out a little, haha! 

5. What was the biggest challenge of writing a novel for you? Drafting? Editing?

I used to think writing was the hardest part of the novel, but I was SO wrong. The first draft is by far the easiest part of the process. For me, the hardest thing is editing. It’s sort of a mentally and physically draining thing. There are so many highs and lows in the process- there are days where I feel really good about my work, then days where I feel like the crappiest writer alive. It’s something I think every creative person has to go through- we just have to keep our chins up and not let those negative thoughts get us down. 

6.  What are some of your favourite books?

 I could read The Book Thief and The Great Gatsby a million times over and never get sick of them. They both have such breathtaking prose, which I just love. A few other favorites: The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater, Harry Potter series (because who doesn’t love Harry Potter?), The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, and East of  Eden by Steinbeck. I’m also currently reading Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas and I’m definitely a fan. 

I want to say a big thank you to Jessica for answering my questions and to OfTomes Publishing for setting the interview up!
Thanks for reading,
A :)

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